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220 High House Rd.
Cary, NC

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digitalxrayThis list is just a few of the many services we provide at AECC:

  • Radiology:
    • Digital Imaging
    • Contrast Studies
  • Critical Care Monitoring:
    • Blood Pressure (Doppler and Oscillometric)
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Pulse Oximetry
    • Capnography
  • Intensive Care:
    • Oxygen Therapy
    • Thoracocentesis/Chest Tube Placement
    • Constant Rate Infusions
    • Blood and Plasma Transfusions
  • Laboratory:
    • Full bloodwork including glucose, blood gases, electrolytes, lactate, clotting panels, and ethylene glycol testing
    • Urinalysis
    • Fecal Analysis including parvoviral testing
    • Cytology
  • Emergency Surgery:
    • Laceration Repair
    • On Call Board Certified Surgeons available for all major surgeries
  • Tender Loving Care

operatingroomDue our hospital being dedicated solely to emergency and critical care we are unable to provide routine health maintenance such as vaccines.

Services such as these should be provided by your pet's Primary Care Veterinarian.